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Connect FrameReady to your Gunnar Computerized Mat Cutter

FrameReady is integrated with the Gunnar Mat Creator software and offers you the option to select and create matboard designs either by starting in Mat Creator or in FrameReady.

Note: All the CMC integrations in FrameReady communicate in both directions: you can push data from FrameReady to the CMC software, make edits in the CMC software, and then push the changes back into FrameReady.


• Windows only. Gunnar Mat Creator software is available only for Windows.

• Requires compatible Gunnar Computerized Mat Cutter and Gunnar Mat Creator software.

• Requires FrameReady and FileMaker Pro to be installed on the Gunnar computer.

• Requires FrameReady 13 and FileMaker Pro 19.4 or greater.

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