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Connect FrameReady to your Valiani

FrameReady is integrated with the Valiani V Studio software Create and Smart Cut and offers you the option to create Work Orders in FrameReady, attach a Valiani template and push those Work Orders directly into the Valiani software.

Valiani V Studio

The integration also allows you to start a Frame project inside of Valiani V Studio "Create" with a template, openings, and more. From there you can push that Frame project directly into a FrameReady Work Order.

Note: All the CMC integrations in FrameReady communicate in both directions: you can push data from FrameReady to the CMC software, make edits in the CMC software, and then push the changes back into FrameReady.

Valiani "Create" - Discover new ways to create mat boards with full creational freedom and with the maximum ease, using avant-garde tools. Work quickly and intuitively thanks to a coherent approach with the user interface in all its components.

Valiani "Smart Cut" - Use the most common vector graphic programs to transfer your projects to Valiani machines.


• Windows only. Valiani software is available only for Windows.

• Requires compatible Valiani CMC and VStudio software.

• Requires FrameReady and FileMaker Pro to be installed on the Valiani computer.

• Requires FrameReady 13 and FileMaker Pro 19.4 or greater.

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