FrameReady Integrations

Expand what FrameReady can do

Our FrameReady Integrations allow you to connect your FrameReady to different software programs and websites, such as:

  • Connect to your Shopify store
  • Use your Square terminal for payments
  • Store transactions in QuickBooks Online
  • Connect to Gunnar, Wizard, and Valiani CMCs
  • Take credit card payments with Payment Logistics
  • Send SMS text messages to your customers
  • Manage your Constant Contact Lists
  • Manage your Mailchimp Audiences
  • Print and scan barcodes
FrameReady Integrations


You can connect FrameReady to the following software and online services


Square logo

Square Payments

Connect your Square account with FrameReady, register your terminal and then you are all set to process credit card transactions, refunds, and voids using your Square account and your Square Terminal.

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FrameReady Pay logo

FrameReady Pay

Complete your transactions completely within FrameReady without an external credit card processor. Only available in the United States.

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Quickbooks logo

QuickBooks Online

Push invoices, payments (including taxes), and customer information from FrameReady to your QuickBooks Online account. Only available by subscription.

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Xero logo

Coming Soon: Xero Accounting

Import your Xero contacts and invoices with your FrameReady program; supports 2-way synchronization.

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Coming Soon: Shopify

Import Shopify orders, products, and customers directly into your FrameReady program for syncing purposes.

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Coming Soon: WooCommerce

Import WooCommerce orders, products, and customers directly into your FrameReady program for syncing purposes.

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Import your Constant Contact Lists and then assign or remove Contacts to your email marketing campaigns.

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Import your Mailchimp Audiences and subscribe/unsubscribe individual Contacts to one or several of your email marketing campaigns.

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SMS logo

SMS Text Messaging

Send text notifications to your customers from FrameReady using third-party SMS services BulkSMS or ClickSend.

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Gunnar logo

Gunnar CMC

Select and build Gunnar™ designs from within FrameReady.

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Wizard logo

Wizard CMC with Visualizations

Create and connect Work Orders in FrameReady to the Wizard FrameShop software, and vice versa.

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Valiani logo

Valiani CMC

Create Work Orders in FrameReady, attach a Valiani template and push those Work Orders directly into the Valiani software.

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Barcode Scanning

Scan moulding and matboard barcodes quickly into Work Orders, as well as print barcode labels. Requires a barcode reader; models available online.

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